[PATCH] cpp11-migrate: Add '-supports' command line switch.

Edwin Vane edwin.vane at intel.com
Mon Jul 29 06:27:17 PDT 2013

  Just a few more comment and doc tweaks. Almost there.

Comment at: cpp11-migrate/Core/Transform.h:275
@@ +274,3 @@
+/// In the sub-classed factory constructor, specify the earliest versions since
+/// the compilers in \c CompilerVersions are supporting the feature introduced
+/// by the transform. See the example below.
are supporting => support

Comment at: docs/MigratorUsage.rst:18
@@ +17,3 @@
+If both are enabled, only explicitly specified transformations that are
+supported by the given compilers will be applied.
I'd replace "If both are enabled," with "If both ways of specifying transforms are used ".

Also, take out the comma.


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