[PATCH] Fix doxygen warnings

Edwin Vane edwin.vane at intel.com
Mon Jul 22 10:05:23 PDT 2013

Comment at: cpp11-migrate/Core/FileOverrides.cpp:36
@@ -36,1 +35,3 @@
+SourceOverrides::applyReplacements(clang::tooling::Replacements &Replaces) {
   llvm::IntrusiveRefCntPtr<clang::DiagnosticOptions> DiagOpts(
Ariel Bernal wrote:
> Edwin Vane wrote:
> > using namespace clang::tooling is in effect. Why not just remove tooling::? Does this fix Doxygen too?
> The problem is that the method definition in FileOverrides.h doesn't match the type and doxygen can't find this declaration.
There's got to be more to this problem than that. If you look at Transform.h and Transform.cpp you'll see the header uses clang:: in the method declaration and the source file doesn't use clang:: because of the using directive. Doxygen doesn't complain about this file...


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