[PATCH] fix struct alignment problem with empty base class

Andrea_DiBiagio at sn.scee.net Andrea_DiBiagio at sn.scee.net
Fri Jul 12 06:46:20 PDT 2013

attached is a patch to fix an alignment problem affecting classes derived 
from a base with no fields but with strong alignment constraints.

Let A be a strongly aligned struct/class with no fields.
Let B be a derived class with A as its direct base class.

When performing the layout of B, A is correctly placed at offset 0 of B.
However, the alignment of B is wrongly left unchanged.

See example below:

struct A {
  // no fields
} __attribute__ ((aligned(16)));

struct B : public A {

The alignment of B is wrongly set to 1 while the alignment of A is 
set to 16. According to gcc, the alignment of B should be 16.

The problem is in method RecordLayoutBuilder::LayoutBase() (file 
"lib/AST/RecordLayoutBuilder.cpp"), which forgets to update field 
`Alignment' with the alignment information associated to the empty base 
class in the case where base is placed at relative offset 0.

This patch fixes the problem with the alignment and adds a test case to 
verify that the alignment info is correctly updated.
One thing to note is that this change may have an effect on binary 
compatibility between obj/libs built with and without this change (but 
only in the - hopefully rare - case described above).

Andrea Di Biagio
SN Systems - Sony Computer Entertainment Group

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