r185873 - [Objective-C migrator] replace candidate user setter/getter with

jahanian fjahanian at apple.com
Wed Jul 10 08:55:05 PDT 2013

On Jul 9, 2013, at 5:33 PM, Jordan Rose <jordan_rose at apple.com> wrote:

> On Jul 9, 2013, at 17:24 , jahanian <fjahanian at apple.com> wrote:
>>>> + at property(weak) NSString *__weak WeakProp;
>>>> +
>>>> + at property(strong) NSString * StrongProp;
>>> Conventionally, I'd expect the __weak to disappear and the "strong" to be implied instead of explicitly spelled out.
>> __weak came from user code. migration did not generate it. removed “strong” from migrated attributes.
> I see that it came from user code; it should go away during the migration.
> Actually, most "weak" properties will not look like this. A weak implicit property will have a normal signature for the getter and setter, but the backing ivar will be __weak.
> You really can't migrate properties without looking at the setter implementation. In that sense it's pushing more info into the interface, not less.

That is so true. Yet, migrator’s workflow allows for user to select/edit/discard the property as needed. 
Migrator has only knowledge of the declarations it sees. In almost all cases, implementations are not 
- Fariborz

> Jordan

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