[Bug 16352] Unimplemented Function in Scan-Build

Jordan Rose jordan_rose at apple.com
Wed Jul 3 09:34:20 PDT 2013

Comments on patch (which probably should have gone to cfe-commits or Phabricator):

+# portability: convert POSIX cygwin path to MS-DOS style path

Please start comments with a capital letter.

+  $PortablePath =~ s/^\/cygdrive\/(\w)/$1:/o if ($^O =~ /cygwin/);

The user is free to modify the mount path for /cygdrive/, but I guess that's okay. What I'm more confused about is how programs running inside Cygwin are supposed to use Windows-ish paths (still with forward slashes) to run executables. But I don't have a Windows machine available, so I'll trust you know what's right here. Please do try to hand-test all the code paths affected by this if you haven't already.

+# portability: getpwuid is not implemented for Win32 (see Perl language reference, perlport)
+my $UserName = ($^O =~/MSWin32/) ? HtmlEscape(getlogin || 'unknown')
+                                 : HtmlEscape(getpwuid($<) || 'unknown');

How about just getlogin() || getpwuid($<) || 'unknown'? That seems to be fairly idiomatic in a quick search online.

(This is only used for metadata in the generated output, so it's not even that important.)

+print "NewDir = ".$NewDir."\n";

Stray debug print?

+# portability: use less strict but portable check -e (file exists) instead of 
+# non-portable -x (file is executable). On some windows ports -x just checks
+# file extension to determine if a file is executable (see Perl language reference, perlport)

Capital letter, and we should also follow the 80-column limit going forward.

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