[PATCH] Better macro error messages involving initializer lists

Richard Trieu rtrieu at google.com
Fri Jun 14 19:27:49 PDT 2013

When an initializer list is used within a marco argument, each comma is the list is treated as a macro argument separator.  When this happens, the only error message is "too many macro arguments provided".  This patch changes the handling of function-like macros to give additional notes detailing the problems.

For a macro FOO(vector<int>{1,2,3}, 3), it will suggest parenthesis to preserve the initializer list with the corrected code as FOO((vector<int>{1,2,3}), 3).

For a macro such as FOO( {1,2,3} ), it will provide a different note saying that initializer lists cannot be used as macro arguments.  This is because adding parentheses around the braces would make it no longer an initializer list.


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