[PATCH] Was: Re: r178663 - Don't compute a patched/semantic storage class.

Enea Zaffanella zaffanella at cs.unipr.it
Thu May 9 12:19:49 PDT 2013

On 04/03/2013 05:50 PM, Rafael Espindola wrote:
> Author: rafael
> Date: Wed Apr  3 10:50:00 2013
> New Revision: 178663
> URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=178663&view=rev
> Log:
> Don't compute a patched/semantic storage class.
> For variables and functions clang used to store two storage classes. The one
> "as written" in the code and a patched one, which, for example, propagates
> static to the following decls.
> This apparently is from the days clang lacked linkage computation. It is now
> redundant and this patch removes it.


> +Storage Class
> +^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> +
> +For each variable and function Clang used to keep the storage class as written
> +in the source, the linkage and a semantic storage class. This was a bit
> +redundant and the semantic storage class has been removed. The method
> +getStorageClass now returns what is written it the source code for that decl.

Hello Rafael.

I think we found an occurrence of "patched/semantic storage class" that 
survived your commit. Here is the example showing the problem:

$ cat tl.cc
void foo() {
   thread_local int i;

If you pretty print it, you will see the "static" storage class specifier.

Please find attached a patch for review.
The patch avoids the patched/semantic storage class computation. As a 
necessary consequence, it also adapts the implementation of VarDecl 
methods hasLocalStorage() and isStaticLocal() to also check the thread 
storage specifier.


P.S.: there actually are a couple of other occurrences of 
"patched/semantic storage class", but these are related to OpenCL/CUDA 
extensions and are not addressed in the patch.

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