[PATCH] Use 'auto const&' for iterators whose deref operator returns a const var

Edwin Vane edwin.vane at intel.com
Thu May 9 09:51:31 PDT 2013

  Almost there.

Comment at: test/cpp11-migrate/LoopConvert/single-iterator.cpp:119
@@ +118,3 @@
+// initializer type have the same type.
+void same_type() {
+  S s;
How are these same_type() tests different from any of the other tests which already ensure (thanks your changes) that the init var has the same type as the initializer? I don't think these tests are necessary in that light.

Comment at: test/cpp11-migrate/LoopConvert/single-iterator.cpp:141
@@ +140,3 @@
+  S s;
+  for (S::const_iterator it = s.begin(); it != s.end(); ++it) {
+    printf("s has value %d\n", (*it).x);
I'd just add a note that s.begin() returns a type 'iterator' which is just a non-const pointer.

Comment at: test/cpp11-migrate/LoopConvert/single-iterator.cpp:155
@@ +154,3 @@
+  dependent<int> v;
+  for (dependent<int>::const_iterator it = v.begin(); it != v.end(); ++it) {
+    printf("Fibonacci number is %d\n", *it);
Similarly, I'd say that v.begin() returns a user-defined type 'iterator' which, since it's different from const_iterator, disqualifies this loop from transformation.


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