[PATCH] Addresses TemplateParameterDepth calculation of Local Member templates

Faisal Vali faisalv at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 04:40:03 PDT 2013

Hi Doug,
    I had mentioned this issue to you briefly in Bristol having to do
tangentially with generic lambdas: the template parameter depth does not
get calculated correctly when local member templates are parsed.  This
patch addresses that issue.  I know local member templates are not
standard, but some of the machinery I will be using to implement
incrementing depth appropriately within generic lambdas is included.  This
only addresses the issue of template argument deduction for local member
templates - other issues (and i don't remember what they are exactly now -
i think you had showed me an example in Portland...) will probably get
addressed as the generic lambda implementation moves along (if we care to
fix local member templates entirely that is).

Will refine the patch based on feedback.


Faisal Vali
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