modularize tests - please review

Sean Silva silvas at
Fri Mar 15 21:28:48 PDT 2013

+# RUN: modularize %s -x c++ 2>&1 | FileCheck %s

2>&1 will confuse the testing infrastructure, which doesn't accept full
bash/sh syntax. See near the bottom of this section:

+// SomeTypes.h - Define a few different kinds of types - no modules

You can probably drop the filename. Over time it's unlikely that all of the
added tests will have the filename, so things will gradually become

+typedef int TypeInt;
+typedef TypeInt NestedTypeInt;
+struct TypeStruct
+  int Member;

Keep the opening curly bracket on the same line as "struct TypeStruct" as
per the LLVM coding conventions. For simplicity, you may want to just run
clang-format on the files.

+# CHECK: error: 'SYMBOL' defined at both
{{.*}}{{\\|/}}InputProblemsInconsistent{{\\|/}}SubHeader.h:3:9 and

It seems like other test in tree do {{[/\\]}} instead of {{\\|/}}. Rather
microscopic, but it would be good to be consistent.

-- Sean Silva
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