[PATCH] Change ClangTool::run output processing file to debug output

Ariel Bernal ariel.j.bernal at intel.com
Fri Mar 15 10:01:12 PDT 2013

Comment at: test/Tooling/pch.cpp:10
@@ -12,1 +9,3 @@
+// the test file with an unrelated include as second translation unit.
+// Test for an empty file after clang-check is executed.
 // RUN: clang-check "%S/Inputs/pch.cpp" "%s" -- -include-pch %t1 -I "%S" -c >%t2 2>&1
Manuel Klimek wrote:
> Wouldn't an empty file also occur if nothing is processed at all?
Manuel, yes the file would be empty if nothing is processed. Assuming no processing error, there won't be any output unless it's in debug mode and -debug is specified but even if we could detect that, there won't be any output in release mode (actually -debug won't be recognized). I think the test is still useful because it can detect processing errors.


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