modularize patch - request for review

Douglas Gregor dgregor at
Wed Mar 13 15:37:04 PDT 2013

On Mar 11, 2013, at 10:03 AM, Sean Silva <silvas at> wrote:

> Hi John, this looks like a great start.
> Regarding documentation, we currently have no documentation about how
> to actually set up and use the experimental modules functionality. It
> is my understanding that you are working on setting up modules, and it
> would be great if you could share how to compile a "hello world" of
> modules. Currently there is a complete lack (AFAIK) of concrete
> information about how to use modules (e.g. what command line options
> to use?), yet folks are *dying* to be able to try out the new module
> functionality and some documentation regarding how to do that. Of
> course, more people banging on it will bring more bug reports,
> suggestions, and overall improvements.

Yes, this is my fault.

> I'm not sure why Doug initially used stdio.h for IO instead of
> raw_ostream, but for consistency with the rest of the codebase it
> would probably be best to switch over to using raw_osteam.

Yes, it would. I wasn't expecting much of this tool, but it's useful.

	- Doug

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