[PATCH] Adds a CMake package configuration file for libclang

Damien Buhl damien.buhl at lecbna.org
Wed Mar 13 14:33:19 PDT 2013

Dear clang & CMake maintainers,

I updated the patch as discussed in the previous mails :
and CINDEX_VERSION_MAJOR as they define the libclang API/ABI.

	- As adviced by Brad King (CMake maintainer) it's better to use lib/ as 
folder for package configuration, instead of share/ because it enables 
arch-specific information to be stored with, as lib/ can be arch 
specific on linux.

Otherwise it seems that I have to adapt autoreconf files too. I didn't 
change anything to these until now, but as I plan to do so, do someone 
know where it would be better to add the generation of libclang package 
config files in the configure.ac script ?

You can find the updated patch attached, I combined all as a single 
commit for the convenience of the discussion, but if the history is 
needed it can be found on github (https://github.com/daminetreg/clang).

@Brad King : What do you think about LIBCLANG_LIBRARY_VERSION as a 
concatenation of : 
? Isn't it a problem that patch and tweak version of the lib are the 
major, minor of clang ? Is this acceptable, woudln't it be better to go 
on something like libtool do ?

Don't hesitate to tell me what still need to be done, so that we can 
eventually get the patch accepted and merged.

Cheers and thanks for your help, :)
Damien Buhl
alias daminetreg
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