[PATCH] Re-add STDC_*_MACROS for libcxx testing on Linux

Michael van der Westhuizen r1mikey at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 00:07:18 PST 2013

Hi Daniel,

It seems that r174404 accidentally removed stdc format, limit and constant macros from the Linux test runner logic.  This small patch re-adds the macros.

Making this change fixes the following tests on Linux:
 - depr/depr.c.headers/inttypes_h.pass.cpp
 - depr/depr.c.headers/stdint_h.pass.cpp
 - input.output/file.streams/c.files/cinttypes.pass.cpp
 - language.support/cstdint/cstdint.syn/cstdint.pass.cpp


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