[clang-tools-extra] r174382 - Adds JSON output for replacements, to simplify tools integration.

Sean Silva silvas at purdue.edu
Wed Feb 6 11:44:04 PST 2013

> I have a strong objection to coupling serialization to domain objects (that
> usually explodes over time).

Fair enough. IMO a free function is better too.

> I'm for adding free-standing functions once we have a better idea how an
> interface would look - but I'd like requests from other people to use it and
> seeing their use cases.

It might be interesting to just put something out there with basic
functionality (and document it to make it discoverable), and see what
people do with it (if anything). JSON output (even rudimentary output)
opens the door to integration with lots of programming environments
(and importantly, lots of _developers_).

As you said, it's not that much code, so it doesn't really hurt to put
it there on an experimental basis (but could lead to a big win). If
you do this, please document it (as an experimental feature looking
for users and which will be gladly enhanced when presented with use
cases) somewhere in the introductory material to make it discoverable.

-- Sean Silva

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