[PATCH] Implement CapturedStmt AST

Douglas Gregor dgregor at apple.com
Wed Feb 6 10:47:29 PST 2013

On Feb 6, 2013, at 6:48 AM, Wei Pan <wei.pan at intel.com> wrote:
> ================
> Comment at: lib/AST/Stmt.cpp:1055
> @@ +1054,3 @@
> +    // extended to capture non-auto variables.
> +    if (I->getCapturedVar() == variable)
> +      return true;
> ----------------
> Doug Gregor wrote:
>> I don't understand this comment. Variables with static storage duration don't ever need to be captured. Are you referring to thread-private variables here?
> Yes, this comment is  for OpenMP static variable capturing. Should it be removed?

The comment should state exactly why there is an issue here, and mention OpenMP thread-private specifically. "Non-auto" doesn't convey enough information about why we need to care.

	- Doug

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