[cfe-commits] r163022 - in /cfe/trunk: include/clang/Lex/Token.h lib/Lex/PPMacroExpansion.cpp lib/Lex/TokenLexer.cpp test/Preprocessor/microsoft-ext.c

João Matos ripzonetriton at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 16:33:24 PST 2012

Actually I needed to apply this patch again yesterday in my local copy, and
spent an hour debugging the test case Nico added. VS actually supports
calling macros with less parameters than the ones on the declaration with
just a warning. Clang will give an error in this case, so I think that's

I didn't spend much more time on it since for the moment that simple patch
can get things going in the VS headers.

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 11:40 PM, Will Wilson <will at indefiant.com> wrote:

> Hi João,
> Re r163022: Emulate MSVC's preprocessor macro argument separator behavior
> by not considering commas from nested macro expansions as argument
> separators. Fixes parsing of VS 2012 headers.
> Did you make any further progress on getting clang compiling against the
> VS2012 headers? I ask as I'm running into this very issue just now and was
> rather hoping you might have a solution waiting in the wings ;) If not, I
> may try and take a look at in in the coming weeks. Any thoughts/patches
> greatly appreciated!
> - Will.

João Matos
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