[cfe-commits] OpenMP-Patch-1: fopenmp option support

Mahesha HS mahesha.llvm at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 22:47:50 PDT 2012

Hi Eli and Dmitri,

Let me start again from the beginning one step at a time. Going
further, I avoid sending more than one patch at a time as reviewing
(big) several patches requires considerable effort, and also some time
it is confusing. Attached is the very first patch to support -fopenmp
option. This patch is in fact smaller one, and it already went through
few rounds of review, and all the review comments are taken for it.

However, please take one more look at it, and if it is in a good shape
to commit, please do the same or provide me an approval to commit this
patch. OTOH, if there is any fresh review comments, I will work on it.

Note: Chandler as an opinion to support counter part of this option,
namely -fno-openmp. I am still thinking, if it is worth supporting it
as I am not aware of any other OpenMP compiler supporting such an
option. However, let us think about it, and if we decide that it is
useful to support it, I will support it.

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