[cfe-commits] [PATCH] Add unit tests for source locations of AST nodes

Manuel Klimek klimek at google.com
Tue Oct 23 05:48:13 PDT 2012

Comment at: unittests/AST/SourceLocationTest.cpp:29
@@ +28,3 @@
+  MatchVerifier() : ExpectId("") {}
ExpectId seems completely unused now...

Comment at: unittests/AST/SourceLocationTest.cpp:95
@@ +94,3 @@
+  if (!Node) {
+    setResult("Could not find node with id \"" + ExpectId + "\"");
+    Verified = false;
Can we instead use EXPECT(...) to fail the test? That way googletest would take care of keeping track of errors etc.

Comment at: unittests/AST/SourceLocationTest.cpp:186
@@ +185,3 @@
+TEST(SourceLocation, KNRParamLocation) {
+  LocationVerifier<ParmVarDecl> Verifier;
+  Verifier.expectLocation(1, 8).expectId("i");
Philip Craig wrote:
> Manuel Klimek wrote:
> > Both here and below having the extra expactLocation seems superfluous, if we do not also want to support multiple locations (which probably would require a slightly different interface again).
> > 
> > I would just put the stuff into the constructor. Unless you have plans for adding much more to the interface...
> I didn't put it in the constructor because I expect LocationVerifier and RangeVerifier to be inherited from for testing different location members of nodes, and I didn't want the derived classes to need to define constructors and forward the arguments up. Is there a way to avoid that?
I would expect the constructors to then take different arguments. Also, I think the price of having a little more boilerplate is fine for the clearer use... I don't feel super-strongly about this, though, so feel free to make the call either way.


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