[cfe-commits] What is the state of the Clang project StringRef'ize APIs?

Felix Petriconi felix at petriconi.net
Sun Oct 21 10:57:46 PDT 2012

Hi everybody,

the LLVM and the Clang project is very interesting for me and I would
like to join it.

When I look at the page of open project I see the topic "StringRef'ize
APIs" which I think would give me a good starting point to get
familiar with the code base. I don't mind if this is a "thankless"

One of my favorite task was and is Clean Code and code optimization in
general. And if this simplifies the code and makes it more efficient
then I would like to joining that project.

Is this still an open topic or is there already someone working on it?

Since this is a task of changing APIs on which the work of many others
contributors relies on, I think a special procedure might be necessary
to make the changes less painful as possible. One way could be, to do
the changes on a special branch, but I am not a friend of branching,
but I would prefer an iterative approach with small changes on the
trunk. What is the policy here?

As well, what projects would I have to look at, to keep them
computable? The LLVM core and Clang of course. What else? Are there
more tests than the included unit test that I should perform?

Thanks and regards,
Felix Petriconi

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