[cfe-commits] Use canonical %clang_cc1 macro in regression tests

David Tweed David.Tweed at arm.com
Fri Oct 12 05:33:49 PDT 2012

Oops: here's the patch.

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Subject: Use canonical %clang_cc1 macro in regression tests

Hi, a relatively mechanical patch to convert some literal "%clang -cc1" regression tests into "%clang_cc1". It's not an earthshattering patch, but because -cc1 is so special it means you can't test if something would fix a regression using the equivalent command-line option by monkeying with definition of %clang (new argument comes too early). Granted this is a rare thing to want to do, but it's helpful if you're trying to narrow down a regression fix, and "%clang_cc1 clearly exists for this purpose.

After appropriate review I can commit myself now.

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