[cfe-commits] [Patch] Add handling of APSInt to Template Type Diffing - Fixes PR14015

Richard Trieu rtrieu at google.com
Mon Oct 8 18:55:56 PDT 2012

An assumption during the creation of Template Type Diffing expected that
integral arguments would be available as Expr's (e.g. IntegralLiteral).
 However, it appears that in some cases, the TemplateArgument gives an
Expr, and in others, TemplateArgument only gives an APSInt.  This patch
allows Template Type Diffing to handle APSInt by storing in inside the tree
nodes, as well as other bits of information needed.  Also, in cases where
one argument is given as an Expr and the other as an APSInt, evaluate the
Expr and store the result as an APSInt.
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