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Howard Hinnant hhinnant at apple.com
Tue Jul 31 14:30:28 PDT 2012

Author: hhinnant
Date: Tue Jul 31 16:30:28 2012
New Revision: 161079

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=161079&view=rev
Andrew Morrow: Attached is a writeup of the current state of the libc++ test suite on Linux.

There are a few tests that are listed as failing here for which I have
a patch in the works. I'll be sending those along soon. There are
others where I know what is going on but don't yet have a solution,
and I've included some notes for those. Several still need to be
investigated, mostly in localization and the regex test suite. I think
that many of these failures are due to locale implementation
variations that make the expected test results not match the actual
results. I'm not sure what the best way to make the tests accomodate
this sort of variation might be.

The failures in the unique_ptr test suite are very new and are caused
by a clang crash which I've not yet looked into.


Modified: libcxx/trunk/www/index.html
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/libcxx/trunk/www/index.html?rev=161079&r1=161078&r2=161079&view=diff
--- libcxx/trunk/www/index.html (original)
+++ libcxx/trunk/www/index.html Tue Jul 31 16:30:28 2012
@@ -120,8 +120,9 @@
    against clang++ with -std=c++11 on Apple's OS X. </p>
-   A Windows port is underway.  <a href="results.Windows.html">Here</a> are
-   recent test results.
+   Ports to other platforms are underway. Here are recent test
+   results for <a href="results.Windows.html">Windows</a>
+   and <a href="results.Linux.html">Linux</a>.

Added: libcxx/trunk/www/results.Linux.html
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/libcxx/trunk/www/results.Linux.html?rev=161079&view=auto
--- libcxx/trunk/www/results.Linux.html (added)
+++ libcxx/trunk/www/results.Linux.html Tue Jul 31 16:30:28 2012
@@ -0,0 +1,138 @@
+<!DOCTYPE html>
+  <title>results.Linux</title>
+All failures in the libc++ test suite will be documented here. Last
+run was with Clang (pre-3.2) on Debian unstable x86_64 with eglibc
+2.13 and kernel 3.2.0-3-amd64. The ABI library used was libc++abi.
+ depr.c.headers/
+  math_h.pass.cpp: Fails a static assert that the return type of
+   isnan(double) and isinf(double) is a bool.
+ uchar_h.pass.cpp:
+   My libc doesn't seem to provide uchar.h yet.
+ exception.unexpected/
+  set.unexpected/
+   get_unexpected.pass.cpp: This seems to be a problem with libc++abi:
+    its default unexpected handler does not call the terminate handler?
+   set_unexpected.pass.cpp: idem.
+ syserr/
+  syserr.errcat/
+   syserr.errcat.objects/
+    system_category.pass.cpp: Always maps back to generic category
+     when it should stay system category, because the implementation
+     dependson ELAST, which Linux lacks.
+ iostream.format/
+  ext.manip/
+   get_time.pass.cpp: Local representation is 'Sat 31 Dec 2061
+    11:55:59 PM EST' which does not match the expected result in the
+    test.
+   put_time.pass.cpp: idem.
+  output.streams/
+   ostream.formatted/
+    ostream.inserters.arithmetic/
+     pointer.pass.cpp: Local representation of NULL is '(nil)' which
+      the test does not expect. Patch in progress.
+ support.start.term/
+  quick_exit.pass.cpp: Fails because it doesn't know about
+   std::at_quick_exit. Interestingly my libc does seem to know about
+   std::[at_]quick_exit, so this needs some investigation.
+ locale.categories/
+  category.collate/
+   locale.collate.byname/
+    compare.pass.cpp: In the C local, sorting order seems OK, but not
+     in the &quot&quot and en UTF8 locals. Needs investigation.
+  category.ctype/
+   locale.codecvt/
+    locale.codecvt.members/
+     wchar_t_out.pass.cpp: Needs investigation.
+   locale.ctype.byname/
+    is_1.pass.cpp: Fails because of bug in ctype_byname::do_[scan_]is
+     for non is-mask platforms. Patch in progress.
+    scan_is.pass.cpp: idem.
+    widen_1.pass.cpp: Fails due to not converting some out of bounds
+     characters the same way as expected. Needs investigation.
+    widen_many.pass.cpp: idem.
+  category.monetary/
+   locale.money.get/
+    locale.money.get.members/
+     get_long_double_ru_RU.pass.cpp: Needs investigation.
+     get_long_double_zh_CN.pass.cpp: idem.
+    locale.money.put.members/
+     put_long_double_ru_RU.pass.cpp: idem.
+     put_long_double_zh_CN.pass.cpp: idem.
+   locale.moneypunct.byname/
+    decimal_point.pass.cpp: Expects ',' for RU, but gets '.'.
+    thousands_sep.pass.cpp: idem.
+  category.numeric/
+   locale.nm.put/
+    facet.num.put.members/
+     put_long_double.pass.cpp: Fails due to getting '+nan' rather
+      than just 'nan'.
+  category.time/
+   locale.time.get.byname/
+    get_date.pass.cpp: Needs investigation.
+    get_date_wide.pass.cpp: idem.
+    get_monthname.pass.cpp: idem.
+    get_monthname_wide.pass.cpp: idem.
+    get_one.pass.cpp: idem.
+    get_one_wide.pass.cpp: idem.
+    get_weekday.pass.cpp: idem.
+    get_weekday_wide.pass.cpp: idem.
+   locale.time.put.byname/
+    put1.pass.cpp: idem.
+   locale.time.put/
+    locale.time.put.members/
+     put2.pass.cpp: idem.
+  facet.numpunct/
+   locale.numpunct.byname/
+    grouping.pass.cpp: idem.
+    thousands_sep.pass.cpp: idem.
+ c.math/
+  cmath.pass.cpp: Fails for same reason as depr/depr.c.headers/math_h.pass.cpp
+ re.alg/
+  re.alg.match/
+   awk.pass.cpp: Needs investigation.
+   basic.pass.cpp: idem.
+   ecma.pass.cpp: idem.
+   extended.pass.cpp: idem.
+  re.alg.search/
+   awk.pass.cpp: idem.
+   basic.pass.cpp: idem.
+   ecma.pass.cpp: idem.
+   extended.pass.cpp: idem.
+ re.traits/
+  lookup_collatename.pass.cpp: idem.
+ c.strings/
+  cuchar.pass.cpp: Can't find cuchar header
+  version_cuchar.pass.cpp: idem.
+ thread.threads/
+  thread.thread.class/
+   thread.thread.static/
+    hardware_concurrency.pass.cpp: Fails due to
+     std::hardware_concurrency unimplemented for non-BSD
+     systems. Patch in progress.
+ memory/
+  unique.ptr/
+   unique.ptr.runtime/
+    unique.ptr.runtime.ctor/
+     default02.pass.cpp:
+      test previously passed, recently started crashing clang. Needs investigation.
+     pointer02.pass.cpp: idem.

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