[cfe-commits] [PATCH] Fixes tooling segfaults when reusing the stat cache from pch loading in subsequent translation units

Manuel Klimek klimek at google.com
Tue Jul 31 04:58:30 PDT 2012

Hi Doug,

this is hopefully exactly what you proposed in the other thread (not
unexpectedly, your analysis turned out to be spot on ;)


diff --git a/include/clang/Basic/FileManager.h
index 930523f..b00f2b7 100644
--- a/include/clang/Basic/FileManager.h
+++ b/include/clang/Basic/FileManager.h
@@ -186,6 +186,9 @@ public:
   /// \brief Removes the specified FileSystemStatCache object from the manager.
   void removeStatCache(FileSystemStatCache *statCache);

+  /// \brief Removes all FileSystemStatCache objects from the manager.
+  void clearStatCaches();
   /// \brief Lookup, cache, and verify the specified directory (real or
   /// virtual).
diff --git a/lib/Basic/FileManager.cpp b/lib/Basic/FileManager.cpp
index b921f3e..c6b894c 100644
--- a/lib/Basic/FileManager.cpp
+++ b/lib/Basic/FileManager.cpp
@@ -223,6 +223,10 @@ void
FileManager::removeStatCache(FileSystemStatCache *statCache) {

+void FileManager::clearStatCaches() {
+  StatCache.reset(0);
 /// \brief Retrieve the directory that the given file name resides in.
 /// Filename can point to either a real file or a virtual file.
 static const DirectoryEntry *getDirectoryFromFile(FileManager &FileMgr,
diff --git a/lib/Tooling/Tooling.cpp b/lib/Tooling/Tooling.cpp
index 5d41172..e93e0c9 100644
--- a/lib/Tooling/Tooling.cpp
+++ b/lib/Tooling/Tooling.cpp
@@ -212,6 +212,7 @@ bool ToolInvocation::runInvocation(
   const bool Success = Compiler.ExecuteAction(*ScopedToolAction);

+  Files->clearStatCaches();
   return Success;

diff --git a/test/Tooling/Inputs/pch-fail.h b/test/Tooling/Inputs/pch-fail.h
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e69de29
diff --git a/test/Tooling/Inputs/pch.cpp b/test/Tooling/Inputs/pch.cpp
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e69de29
diff --git a/test/Tooling/Inputs/pch.h b/test/Tooling/Inputs/pch.h
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e69de29
diff --git a/test/Tooling/pch.cpp b/test/Tooling/pch.cpp
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..bfa20d8
--- /dev/null
+++ b/test/Tooling/pch.cpp
@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
+// This is a regression test for handling of stat caches within the tooling
+// infrastructure. This test reproduces the problem under valgrind:
+// First, create a pch that we can later load. Loading the pch will insert
+// a stat cache into the FileManager:
+// RUN: %clang -x c++-header %S/Inputs/pch.h -o %t1
+// Use the generated pch and enforce a subsequent stat miss by by using
+// the test file with an unrelated include as second translation unit:
+// Do not directly pipe into FileCheck, as that would hide errors from
+// valgrind due to pipefail not being set in lit.
+// RUN: clang-check "%S/Inputs/pch.cpp" "%s" -- -include-pch %t1 -I
"%S" -c >%t2 2>&1
+// RUN: FileCheck %s < %t2
+#include "Inputs/pch-fail.h"
+// CHECK: Processing
+// FIXME: This is incompatible to -fms-compatibility.
+// XFAIL: win32
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