[cfe-commits] Fix PR13434 - mangling of templates with function pointers as arguments

John McCall rjmccall at apple.com
Mon Jul 30 17:56:22 PDT 2012

On Jul 27, 2012, at 7:30 AM, Timur Iskhodzhanov wrote:
> Attached is an updated patch which has slightly uglier code (due to
> code duplication) but better mangling.
> The "eta" mangling remains the same, "_E$$A6" has been replaced with
> "_E" everywhere.

+  QualType pointee = T->getPointeeType();
+  assert(isa<FunctionProtoType>(pointee));
+  mangleType(static_cast<const FunctionProtoType*>(pointee.getTypePtr()), NULL, false, false);

The easier way to do an assert-and-cast is like this:

However, you can't actually do a cast here, because there could be a typedef in the way.  Test case:
  typedef void fn();
  void foo(fn^ block) { block(); }

So instead you need to do this:
This is like getAs<>, but asserting.


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