[cfe-commits] [PATCH] Add -fobjc-direct-class-refs

Jonathan Schleifer js at webkeks.org
Sat Jul 14 03:02:15 PDT 2012

Am 12.07.2012 um 02:58 schrieb John McCall:

> I'd be fine with you adding a new predicate (allowsPointerArithmetic()) on ObjCRuntime for this, if you then change Sema to use it in all the appropriate places.  (You seem to have a good feel for how to do this.)  You should also add another predicate (isSubscriptPointerArithmetic()), with the invariant that it's only true if allowsPointerArithmetic() is, which Sema would use to decide how to interpret subscripting on ObjC pointers.

I implemented that now - please see the attached patch. I also added maintainer information for the ObjFW runtime.
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