[cfe-commits] [PATCH] Add -fobjc-direct-class-refs

Jonathan Schleifer js at webkeks.org
Sat May 19 08:45:25 PDT 2012

Am 15.05.2012 um 19:42 schrieb John McCall:

> If it decides that it's perfectly satisfied with the compiler-emitted structures of some existing runtime, yes.  This feels like a really weird constraint to force on oneself.

Wel, this is basically the situation now. The GNUstep stuff is added into the GNU runtime, so everybody basically has to copy their structs.

> If that new feature happens to be implemented in exactly the same way as some existing runtime, yes.  Please remember that that is not even true for this patch.

That's not true: The patch also works with the GNUstep runtime. This is not tested, but David Chisnal told me that just using the symbol directly works with the GNUstep runtime.

Anyway, I attached a patch that instead of adding new flags for features adds a new flag for my runtime. Is it ok for you this way? A flag -fobjc-runtime-version could be added later.

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