[cfe-commits] r156215 - in /cfe/trunk: lib/StaticAnalyzer/Checkers/RetainCountChecker.cpp test/Analysis/retain-release.m

Ted Kremenek kremenek at apple.com
Fri May 4 22:14:42 PDT 2012

On May 4, 2012, at 8:56 PM, Jordy Rose <jediknil at belkadan.com> wrote:

> One of the arguments to getPersistentSummary is the default effect on the arguments, so you shouldn't have to use ScratchArgs to do this. In fact, since summaries are uniqued, not using ScratchArgs could actually save memory in callback-heavy code.

To that point, I think we can just use the "StopTracking" summary here, which is precomputed for this purpose.
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