[cfe-commits] [PATCH] Driver: Unify CC1Options.td and Options.td, take 2!

James Molloy james.molloy at arm.com
Tue May 1 00:39:46 PDT 2012

Hi Doug,

Thanks! :) The only reason I haven't committed it yet given Eric's "LGTM" is
that Chandler is currently reviewing it as a trial of the review board
system here:

When he OK's it, I'll commit it.



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I like this a *lot*. Go for it.

	- Doug

On Apr 23, 2012, at 4:14 AM, James Molloy <James.Molloy at arm.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Could someone please review this? :(
> Cheers,
> James
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> Bump.
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> Hi,
> Now that the LLVM conference is out of the way I can get back to my other
> project that took a bit of a backseat, sorting out the clang driver.
> I sent this patch upstream at the start of February, and it was about to
> complete code review and signoff when Chandler went away on vacation for
> ages and then afterwards I had the conference so it's been gathering dust
> my patch queue for a good 2 months.
> I've rebased it to ToT and would like to have it reviewed now please :)
> Original message thread at
> tml , with the last message here:
> tml 
> The original message says it better, but essentially this patch removes
> duplication between CC1Options.td and Options.td, and removes the
> separation. This is one step in the path of removing the option forwarding
> from the driver for Clang and relying on CompilerInvocation for all option
> [de]serialization.
> Chandler had some review comments, and my responses to those still stand
> (the main one being I'll provide a followup patch to move CC1-only options
> from Options.td to CC1Options.td).
> Cheers!
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