[cfe-commits] pr12328 PATCH: Friend method declaration doesn't require method to be visible

Stepan Dyatkovskiy stpworld at narod.ru
Sat Apr 7 08:32:57 PDT 2012

Hi all.
Please find patch in attachment for review.
I suppose that this check was not implemented yet, since I couldn't 
found it anywhere. The friend method availability check was inserted in 
I also added "DeclContext *FromContext" to the AccessedEntity class. It 
allows to ask DelayedDiagnostic to use context that was "current" when 
this diagnostics was requested. It is usefull in our case, since we 
requested diagnostics when we're parsing class with "friend" 
declaration, but diagnostics is invoked for class with definition of 
friend member itself.

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