[cfe-commits] [PATCH] Add -Wknr-promoted-parameter option

Eli Friedman eli.friedman at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 15:28:06 PST 2011

On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 1:49 PM, Dimitry Andric <dimitry at andric.com> wrote:
> On 2011-12-18 21:44, Dimitry Andric wrote:
> ...
>> Therefore, I propose the attached patch, which adds a new warning option
>> (-Wknr-promoted-parameter) for turning it on or off.  This runs through
>> the standard tests just fine.
> That is, if I would have sent the correct patch, which also decrements
> the counter in tools/clang/test/Misc/warning-flags.c...  Apologies.

We should have a warning flag for every warning, so this is okay...
but if this is still actively developed software, would you please
send an email to the author and complain?  We happen to implement this
gcc compatibility hack, but it isn't appropriate to assume that every
C compiler does.


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