[cfe-commits] [PATCH] Instantiate dependent attributes in template code.

Delesley Hutchins delesley at google.com
Tue Dec 13 15:08:53 PST 2011

This patch modifies Sema::InstantiateAttrs so that attributes in
template code are properly instantiated; the previous behavior was to
clone them.  The main motivation for the patch are thread safety
attributes, which make extensive use of expressions.

A new method named instantiateFromTemplate is now generated for all
attributes.  The behavior of this method is identical to clone() for
all arguments except ExprArgument and VariadicExprArgument;
expression arguments are instantiated rather than cloned.

Features still on the todo list are:

(1) Instantiate type arguments as well as expressions.  This will
affect attributes other than thread-safety, so I wanted to get
feedback before implementing it.
(2) Move handling of the aligned attribute to the new mechanism.

Patch can be found at:


DeLesley Hutchins | Software Engineer | delesley at google.com | 505-206-0315
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