[cfe-commits] [PATCH 1/1] Checking zero byte allocation for realloc() and calloc().

Ted Kremenek kremenek at apple.com
Sat Nov 26 22:16:04 PST 2011

On Nov 26, 2011, at 8:26 PM, Cyril Roelandt wrote:

> * Remove all the malloc-related code from the UnixAPIChecker

Please do not do this.  I'm sorry I did not wade in earlier, but the purpose of the UnixAPIChecker is to have some simple (low false positive) checks that are enabled by default.  The MallocChecker is not enabled by default because it is not quite mature enough.  Please leave the UnixAPIChecker as it is.  Once the MallocChecker is a default enabled checker I think it would be fine to remove the malloc-related checking there.
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