[cfe-commits] [PATCH] Sema and AST for C++0x Lambda Expressions

John Freeman jfreeman at cse.tamu.edu
Sat Oct 15 20:21:14 PDT 2011

> +  /// Declaration for the closure type.
> +  CXXRecordDecl *ClosureType;
> This is just getType()->getAsCXXRecordDecl(), no?

To my knowledge, yes it is. I added the ClosureType member simply for 
caching. I saw you removed it. The same could be done for the Function 
member as well. Is the general policy to keep the AST classes as small 
as possible?

> +  /// The temporary object resulting from evaluating the lambda expression,
> +  /// represented by a call to the constructor of the closure type.
> +  CXXConstructExpr *ClosureObject;
> This makes me think that LambdaExpr should just be a subclass of CXXConstructExpr, because there's a lot of behavior we get "for free" for lambdas if it derives from CXXConstructExpr (such as proper handling of the temporary). It would require some twisting-around of the logic for building lambda expressions (in particular, the LambdaExpr wouldn't be built until the whole body had been parsed), but I think the result would be better.

How should we store the bits and pieces up until the body has been 
parsed? Should there be a separate data structure just to hold them that 
gets passed between Sema functions, or should there be members within 
Sema for things like CurLambdaIntroducer and CurLambdaMethod, or 
something else?

- John

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