[cfe-commits] [PATCH] atomic operation builtins, part 1

Abramo Bagnara abramo.bagnara at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 00:37:52 PDT 2011

Il 07/10/2011 03:36, Eli Friedman ha scritto:
> Atomic ops; similar to the patch I submitted earlier, but this version
> adds the restriction that the first operand to the __atomic_*
> operations must be an _Atomic(T)*.  I'm sending this to double-check
> that I haven't missed any serious issues.
> After this is committed, I'll put together a patch for
> __atomic_is_lock_free, including the necessary machinery to come up
> with the right answers.

Can you explain why these builtin need to have another node (AtomicExpr)
and cannot be handled as ordinary CallExpr like other builtins?

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