[cfe-commits] r139295 - /cfe/trunk/include/clang/Basic/SourceManager.h

Eric Christopher echristo at apple.com
Thu Sep 8 16:40:58 PDT 2011

On Sep 8, 2011, at 4:38 PM, Chandler Carruth wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 10:15 AM, Eric Christopher <echristo at apple.com> wrote:
> +/// The expansion location is the line in the source code where the macro
> +/// was expanded (the return statement), the spelling location is the
> +/// location in the source where the macro was originally defined,
> +/// and the presumed location is where the line directive states that
> +/// the line is 17, or any other line.
> Maybe also introduce macro argument expansion locations, where the spelling location for 'a' is the return statement, and it is expanded first into the macro definition and then back into the return statement?
> I might have some ascii art I could contribute to documenting that... =]

That could be quite awesome. I was just trying to get _something_ going :)

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