[cfe-commits] [PATCH] Extend lexical scope of attributes to include function parameters.

Delesley Hutchins delesley at google.com
Fri Sep 2 11:42:52 PDT 2011

This patch extends the lexical scope of attributes to include method
parameters.  The main motivation for this patch is to implement thread
safety attributes, such as the following:

class Foo {
  int foo(Foo *f) __attribute__((exclusive_locks_required(f->mu))) { }

  Mutex mu;

The change in scope is only enabled for attributes that are tagged as
being late parsed, using the previous late parsing patch; this
currently means that it is enabled only for thread-safety attributes.
It also works only on methods and not top-level functions, since
top-level functions do not currently use late parsing.



DeLesley Hutchins | Software Engineer | delesley at google.com | 505-206-0315
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