[cfe-commits] r133155 - in /cfe/trunk: include/clang/Basic/DiagnosticSemaKinds.td lib/Sema/SemaChecking.cpp test/SemaCXX/warn-memset-bad-sizeof.cpp

Hans Wennborg hans at chromium.org
Thu Jun 16 03:49:57 PDT 2011

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 10:09 AM, Chandler Carruth <chandlerc at gmail.com> wrote:
> +def warn_sizeof_pointer_expr_memaccess : Warning<
> +  "argument to 'sizeof' in %0 call is the same expression as the "
> +  "%select{destination|source}1; did you mean to "
> +  "%select{dereference it|remove the addressof|provide an explicit length}2?">,

Maybe the "did you mean to dereference/remove addressof" part could be a fixit?

Otherwise, this looks good as far as I can tell.

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