[cfe-commits] r128776 - in /cfe/trunk/lib/CodeGen: CGClass.cpp CGDebugInfo.cpp CGRTTI.cpp CGVTables.cpp CGVTables.h

Devang Patel dpatel at apple.com
Tue Apr 5 09:41:21 PDT 2011

On Apr 5, 2011, at 4:18 AM, Ken Dyck wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 4:39 PM, Devang Patel <dpatel at apple.com> wrote:
>> This little series of patches are breaking debug info. In attached test case, base
>> offset for class D -> C is now wrong.
> I didn't see any attachments on your message. Could you resend the test case?

oops. Here it is.
>> For now, I am reverting your patches.
> Thanks. I'll take a look into this at my next opportunity.


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