[cfe-commits] PATCH: Make tests freestanding by avoiding system headers

Chandler Carruth chandlerc at google.com
Sat Nov 13 15:56:20 PST 2010

This patch will make almost all of the regression test suite free standing
w.r.t. system headers. I don't think it harms any of the tests, the changes
seem entirely orthogonal to what is actually being tested. The only tests
which still fail (I'm testing this by artificially setting a sysroot of
/dev/null) are:

    Clang :: PCH/cxx-typeid.cpp
    Clang :: Sema/return.c
    Clang :: SemaTemplate/example-dynarray.cpp

These tests have really questionable design. 'cxx-typeid' just includes
<typeinfo>. I have no idea how this is a good test, but there aren't any
comments really explaining matters.

example-dynarray.cpp is actually a test program in disguise. I'd propose
deleting it, and if Doug really wants it, we can add it to llvm-tests.

return.c uses longjmp. I punted here, but I'm also happy to embed the
necessary bits directly into the test if that's a better pattern.
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