[cfe-commits] r118382 - in /cfe/trunk: include/clang/Driver/Options.td lib/Driver/ToolChains.cpp lib/Driver/ToolChains.h lib/Driver/Tools.cpp lib/Driver/Tools.h test/Driver/emit-llvm.c test/Driver/sysroot-flags.c

Frits van Bommel fvbommel at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 02:55:16 PST 2010

On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 11:51 AM, İsmail Dönmez <ismail at namtrac.org> wrote:
> Thanks for testing it, looks like gold is seriously broken while parsing
> command line :-)

Either that or regular ld is just way too permissive while parsing it :P.

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