[cfe-commits] patch: add TypeLoc traversal to RecursiveASTVisitor

Nick Lewycky nlewycky at google.com
Sat Jul 3 18:58:40 PDT 2010

This patch adds basic traversal support for TypeLoc's to the
RecursiveASTVisitor. The way it works is that the Visit*TypeLoc methods will
call the matching Visit*Type methods, permitting users to continue using
their Type-based visitors while permitting overrides of the TypeLoc specific
methods. Many of the traversals have FIXME comments attached where the
existing Type traversal does something that isn't captured in the matching
TypeLoc, we fall back to traversing Types in that case.

In addition, 'TraverseDeclarationHelper' and
'TraverseClassTemplateSpecializationDecl' are modified to actually call into
the TypeLoc versions instead of the Type versions.

Please review!

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