[cfe-commits] [Review] rollingout ASTContext::getTypeSizeInBytes()

Ken Dyck Ken.Dyck at onsemi.com
Wed Nov 25 07:14:10 PST 2009

On Tuesday, November 24, 2009 5:13 PM, John McCall wrote:
> Ted Kremenek wrote:
> > I agree with John.  If we're rolling out a new API why not 
> introduce 
> > now a new type that adds the "dimensionality" of the value?  (bytes 
> > versus bits)
> >
> > John: Is that what you meant?
> Yeah.  I am fairly skeptical of this feature surviving 
> correctly otherwise.

Okay. I'll take a stab at implementing this. 

As I understand it, these are the changes that need to happen:

1. Remove the recently added ASTContext::getByteSize() and
2. Add a new class (named TypeSize, say) that has two methods: inBits()
and inBytes().
3. Change the return type of ASTContext::getTypeSize() from uint64_t to
4. Update all calls to getTypeSize() to explicity choose the bit or byte

Is this what you had in mind?


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