[cfe-commits] r80642 - in /cfe/trunk: include/clang/AST/Expr.h include/clang/AST/ExprCXX.h include/clang/AST/StmtNodes.def lib/AST/Expr.cpp lib/AST/StmtPrinter.cpp lib/AST/StmtProfile.cpp lib/Analysis/GRExprEngine.cpp lib/CodeGen/CGExpr.cpp lib/Sema/SemaChecking.cpp lib/Sema/SemaExpr.cpp lib/Sema/TreeTransform.h

Mike Stump mrs at apple.com
Mon Aug 31 17:29:08 PDT 2009

On Aug 31, 2009, at 5:22 PM, Douglas Gregor wrote:
> Ho ho! Thanks for pointing this out; it didn't show up for me in the  
> Xcode build (???).

My build was using (default -O0 style build):

D__STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS -g -fno-exceptions -fno-common -Woverloaded- 
virtual -fno-rtti -m64 -pedantic -Wno-long-long -Wall -W -Wno-unused- 
parameter -Wwrite-strings

I suspect you're not using -W in your build.

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