[cfe-commits] r70125 - /cfe/trunk/lib/Frontend/PCHWriter.cpp

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Sun Apr 26 12:49:51 PDT 2009

>>>> Nice, thanks Steve! :)
>>> fyi...my comment about fixing *all* the -emit-pch failures was  
>>> premature.
>>> I'm in the process of adding the ObjC stmt's. Once this is done, I  
>>> believe the remaining errors will go away.
>> Excellent, thanks.  I plan to add cursor support for bitcode files,  
>> which will let Doug make the SourceManager reading more lazy.
> The degree of laziness you/Doug are pushing for is really exciting!

What can I say, Doug just likes to be lazy ;-)

> After PCH is working, it will be interesting to consider other  
> applications for this fast read/write mechanism:-)

Absolutely, this is just a general AST serialization mechanism, it has  
nothing to do with PCH per-say.  n obvious application is cross-file  
analysis for static analysis, refactoring, etc.

For ObjC code, you really want to have dependently serialized files,  
where one serialized file can point into another serialized file.   
This would allow us to avoid serializing the contents of the PCH file  
into each .m file's output.

In any case, the first step is to get it fully working :)


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