[cfe-commits] r66087 - in /cfe/trunk: Driver/PrintParserCallbacks.cpp include/clang/Parse/Action.h lib/Parse/ParseExpr.cpp lib/Parse/ParseObjc.cpp lib/Sema/Sema.h lib/Sema/SemaExpr.cpp test/SemaObjC/ivar-access-tests.m

Fariborz Jahanian fjahanian at apple.com
Wed Mar 4 14:55:03 PST 2009

On Mar 4, 2009, at 2:46 PM, steve naroff wrote:

> Hey Fariborz,
> Thanks for the follow-up on this.
> It's too bad the solution below isn't more localized (to Sema). From  
> my perspective, the Parser/Actions interface shouldn't have to  
> change for this bug fix.

Agreed. There is a FIXME to emphasize this point. But this goes beyond  
a bug fix. This is to implement access
checking for c-style functions declared inside @implementation.

- Fariborz

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