[cfe-commits] PFR: Shared string literals

Oliver Hunt oliver at apple.com
Tue Nov 27 10:14:26 PST 2007

On 27/11/2007, at 9:30 AM, Devang Patel wrote:

> On Nov 27, 2007, at 1:23 AM, Oliver Hunt wrote:
>> Here's support for shared string literals, and -fwritable-string  
>> (which causes us to not share literals and to not use constant  
>> values for the literal storage)
> Many times, -fwritable-string is used due to historical reasons.  
> It  is very useful to have diagnostic that can accurately identify  
> literals that are not shared and do not use constant values.
I thought about that, however it's non-trivial to determine what  
literals may need to be writable and what can be safely readonly.  So  
I decided it was out of scope for this patch -- currently literals  
aren't cached at all.

>> +  CodeGenModule *Init(ASTContext &Context, const LangOptions  
>> &Features, llvm::Module &M,
> 80 colums :)

I'd swear i fixed all of those :-/


> -
> Devang

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