[cfe-commits] r41500 - in /cfe/trunk: AST/ASTContext.cpp include/clang/AST/ASTContext.h

Neil Booth neil at daikokuya.co.uk
Mon Aug 27 15:18:30 PDT 2007

Chris Lattner wrote:-

> +/// getEnumDeclIntegerType - returns the integer type compatible with the
> +/// given enum type.
> +QualType ASTContext::getEnumDeclIntegerType(EnumDecl *ED) const {
> +  if (EnumConstantDecl *C = ED->getEnumConstantList())
> +    return C->getType();

Is this saying the type of the enum is the type of the enumerator?
If so, it's probably not what you want.

In C enumerators always have type "int".


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